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Husband kills his unfaithful wife,

Husband kills his unfaithful wife,
while their 5 yr old son was still sleeping.

The weird thing was that d kid
didn't ask for his mom even 3 days after she went missing.

Father: Is there something u want to ask me?

Kid: I just wonder y mom is always
standing behind ur back ??

Submitted By : SmsFunBook Team
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Toofani raat

Toofani raat..

Girl: Come on dear get in 2 my umbrella..
Boy: "its ok sister thanx"
& runs away..

Moral: Moral woral kuch nhi..
Ladki ke pair ultey the..!!

Submitted By : parth
Place : ahmedabad
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A ghost went 4 haircut

A ghost went 4 haircut
Barber: Baad me aao, busy hu!
Ghost said something & barber fainted

Sar rakh kar jaa raha hu, baad me le jaunga.

Submitted By : syed fazalullah hussaini
Place : gulbarga
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Oliver finds a home

Oliver finds a home

This extract has been taken from OLIVER TWIST written by Charles Dickens. The book tells the story about a young orphan boy named Oliver Twist. He is brought up in an orpahnge where the boys are treated cruelly. He comes across thieves who want to make a criminal of him. Once, two criminals Sikes and Toby take Oliver with them to commit burglary. They are stopped midway in their plans by Giles and Brittles, two manservants of the house they were supposed to burgle. Oliver is left to die in a ditch but is saved by Giles and Brittles. Oliver finds happiness and peace with the owners of the house.

There were two ladies in the house. One, a stately older woman, was Mrs Maylie. The other, Rose Maylie, a lovely girl of about seventeen, was her niece. The two women followed Doctor Losberne into the room where Oliver lay. They were agahst at how young he was! Rose Maylie bent over the boy and gently brushed his hair away from his face. "How shocking!" said her aunt. "To think this poor boy was the pupil of robbers and housebreakers!" "He is so young and fair!" added Rose. "Maybe he has never known a mother's love. Maybe he had never had a home and a family. Maybe he was forced into a life of crime because he was starving. We must think about this before we send him to jail!" Oliver was very ill and weak from the loss of blood. But after several days of care by Rose, Mrs Maylie and Dr Losberne, he gradually improved. When some of his strength returned, he told the Maylies about his past. Rose wept bitterly. "We must do something to help the boy," Rose begged her aunt. "Yes, we must," said Mrs Maylie. Turning to Dr Losberne, she asked,"Can you do something?" "Perhaps if we can convince the servants that they were mistaken when they identified the boy, we can save him when the police comes." The kind-hearted doctor sent for the two servants.
"Giles and Brittles," said Dr Losberne ,"can you swear that the boy with the robbers was Oliver? Could you really identify him in the darkness with all the gunfire?" The servants admitted that they couldn't be absolutely certain. So when the policemen arrived at the house to investigate the house-breaking, no one could identify the boy. So no charges were pressed against Oliver. After all, it was difficult not to pity the poor little boy. He looked so helpless and innocent lying there in bed. Could he really have wanted to rob the house? Oliver quickly recovered from his wounds and entered upon the happiest period of his life. The Maylies treated him like a member of their own family. And when spring came, they took him to their cottage in the country. Here, he learned to read and write. He spent many happy hours running along the country roads, picking flowers and feeding the birds. In the evenings, he listened to Rose palying piano. Every night, he slept peacefully in a clean bed in his own room. Oliver had never known such peace and happiness.

Adapted from OLIVER TWIST by Charles Dickens

Submitted By : arvinder kaur
Place : punjab,ludhiana
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Husband killed his unfaithful

Husband killed his unfaithful

wife when his 5-years old son

was sleeping

The weird thing was that his son

dosent say anything about his

mother who is missing last 3


Father-do want to say anything

Son-i just wonder why mom is

always standing behind your


Dad-dont lie to me

Son-look at your back fast!!!!

Dad-no one is there

Son-Dad be carefull

Next day his son goes to wake

his father

child was stunned

his father was no more:(

Submitted By : Rohan jain;-)
Place : Delhi
93 Dislikes
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- Comedy jokes

टिप्पणियाँ - Comedy jokes
A Horror Story
एक आदमी अपनी कार से मुंबई
पुणे जा रहा था उसने
हाईवे छोड़ कर एक शॉर्टकट
रास्ता चूसे किया ताकि जल्दी
पहुंच जाये फिर वो
ड्राइव करने लगा और 9 K.M
ट्रेवल कर लिया ..
अचानक से उसके कार बंद
होगयी ..
अब वो फास गया .. वो कार से उतरा और उसने सोचाकी
किसी कार
से लिफ्ट ले लूंगा .. अचानक से तेज़
हवा चलने लगी और बारिश
हो गयी .. फिर वो चलने लगा .. हवा और तेज़ हो गयी ..बारिश
और बढ़ गयी .. वो पूरा भीग गया ..कपने
ठण्ड से ..
बारिश इतनी तेज़ थी
की उसे दूर की चीजे दिखना
बंद हो गयी ..
तब अचानक से एक
आवाज़ सुनाई दी उसे ..
से सुना तो आवाज एक कार के आने
थी ..जैसे ही कार उसके पास आई वो आदमी झट से उसमे बैठ
बिना कुछ पूछे फिर उस आदमी
ने चैन की सास ली ..और उसने सोचा
की लिफ्ट देने के लिए कार ड्राइवर को
दे दू ..
जैसे ही वो आगे झुका
उसने जो देखा उसे देखते वो
चिल्लाया आआआआआ
उसने देखा की ड्राइवर सीट पे
कोई नहीं है ..
कार अपने आप चल
रही है ..
उसकी सांसे तेज़्ज़ हो गयी ..
उसने देखा की एक पेड़ आने
वाला है और कार उससे टकरा
जाएगी .. उसने डर के मरे आखे बंद
कर ली ..
फिर उसने देखा अचानक से दो
हाथ दरवाजे से आये और
स्टीयरिंग व्हील घुमा दिया ..
जब कोई टर्न आता दो हाथ आते
दीखते और व्हील घुमा देते ..
आदमी बहुत डर गया .. फिर
उसने एक रौशनी देखि .. वो ,
झट से कार से बहार निकला ..देखा उसने
की रौशनी ढाबे से आ रही है ..
वो भाग के ढाबे में घुस
गया ..
संता-बंता ढाबे में खड़े
चाय पीते हुए एक दुसरे से बोले :"यार ये वही ghochu
आदमी है ना जो हमारी कार में
बैठ गया था और चीख रहा
था जब हम कार को पीछे se dhaka laga rahe the

Submitted By : nikhil raj chauhan
Place : jaipur
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mano agar tum raat ko 230 baje apne dost ke sath

mano agar tum raat ko 2:30 baje apne dost ke sath apne ghar ki cchat par baith kar baatein kar rahe ho aur tumhaare ghar par koi nhi hai aur lights bhi nhi aa rhi hai.
suddenly ghar mai rakhe phone ki ring bajti hai aur aap use uthane ke liye niche aate ho lekin apne dost ko wahi rukne ko kahte ho.
phone par usi dost ke parents ka phone aata hai aur WO aapko bataate hain ki us dost ki death 4 hours pahle ek accident mai ho gyi hai.
toh ye btao ki kya aap wapas cchat par jaoge ? yaa nhi ?

Submitted By : Harshit
Place : Agra
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Some people need to open their small minds

Some people need to open their small minds instead of their big mouths.

Submitted By : Vinil Ghag
Place : Mumbai
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