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This story is based on true event happened in

This story is based on true event happened in Dehradun's local factory. The name of the factory has not written due to no evidence was found in this story, many people believed and stoped going to that building. One night at 01:45 Am, three male workers were going after doing their duty. They saw a rat roaming here&there eating their building making raw matterials, after watching they decided to catch him and kill him. One of the three suggested to kill him with poison; one of them brought a posion cake for killing rats, he throwned the peice of cake in that place where he always roam. After eating the peice, the rat started feeling suffocated and started running here&there with lot of speed ending in a breatheless position and putted down in a big public dustbin. The rat was still alived but died due to no air was passing through the closed garbage. Many days gone, those men's forgot that rat incident and started their work as before. They saw an old women was doing work; those workers suggested not to do so much of work in this age which can cause her pain&more pain. After listening to so many suggestions she decided to leave her job. But for her hard-working behaviour those men gaved her a short tea party at night near a stall, they dranked the tea and started going for their homes. One of them suggested to leave that old women in her home due to lot of night, and they all when asked her home address she pointed her hand in that dustbin, which maked some of them impatient and ask the question what rubbish things you're saying. After the conversation one of them started feeling suffocatient, the aunt took his hand and throwned him in the dustbin which lead him to death. The others to were also started feeling alike that but still asked where is our third friend that women pointed in my house, where i was also screaming to pain like now you are feeling so come with me and feel the same and throwned them in a dustbin. they died..... next day the cops arrived to investigate the matter but no one could find any matter and that old lady. and most of that factory making matterial was not there?

Submitted By : arvinder kaur
Place : punjab,ludhiana
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